Jet Ski - Your Boracay vacation wouldn't be complete without a fun jet-ski ride! Feel the adrenaline rush as you speed along the ocean's turquoise water! This is best enjoyed with friends that you can race with!

One of the most popular water activities around the island for every member of the family. The Banana Boat is a great way for a group to have an exciting, speed-induced ride off Boracay's white beach! Enjoy the views and have some fun in the sun with a splash of the surf on the go.

Kayaking - Get your life vests on and be ready for kayaking on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Explore the beautiful waters of White Beach and witness the amazing sea life with half an hour of snorkeling! This trip is best done just before sunset so you can witness the beauty of paradise while on the water.

Fire Dance - performs for the tourist crowd in the art of fire dancing Boracay style.

Mountain Bike Cruising /Trekking in Panay - If you are more of a mountain-person than a beach bum, ride a bicycle and explore the forests of neighboring island, Panay. See coconut plantations, cross little streams and stumble upon an undiscovered waterfall!

Uplift your energy and revitalize all your senses with the newest island indulgence! Massage away all your stress and tension, pamper yourself in this unique experience, and enjoy a heavenly feeling while helping improve your blood circulation.

Island Hopping - your Boracay adventure experience will not be complete without this trip! The island is home to more than a dozen undeveloped beaches, turquoise waters and colorful coral reefs! Feast your eyes on the amazing scenery, snorkel and get a glimpse of the thriving sea life!

Kite Boarding - known as the best kite surfing location in Asia, Bulabog beach, or Boracay's "back beach", is home to shallow blue waters strong winds, and a reef making it a perfect place to learn how to kite surf! Prepare your kite gear, and take control of the wind, as you enjoy cruising along the surface of the water!